Woodworking Machinery and Side Industries Businessmen Association (AIMSAD) of Turkey was established in Istanbul on June 6, 2014. First steps for the establishment of AIMSAD was taken by businessmen from Bursa region and its foundations were laid being influenced by the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Europe.

AIMSAD laid its Founding principles as to ensure cooperation, solidarity and exchange of knowledge among its member companies practicing as manufacturers or distributers in the woodworking machinery and side industries. AIMSAD undertakes activities and initiatives to address its members' economic, financial, legal, administrative, technological problems or issues related to production, export and import; and expand the national and global markets for woodworking machinery and side industry products to reach the most advanced level.
In order to achieve these goals, AIMSAD considers that the Turkish Industrial Strategy Document and Action Plan together with the Turkish Machinery Industry Strategy Document and Action Plan as guides which represent key roadmaps towards 2023 targets of our country and adopts the principle of creating added value for our country by conducting activities aligned with these guides and their Action Plans.

Although established by the woodworking machinery manufacturers and based in Istanbul, AIMSAD envisages bringing together under its roof all relevant companies from the machinery and side industries across Turkey. For this reason, even its administrative bodies were formed considering the geographical regions where most of the companies in the sector are located and by attributing great importance to the sectorial distribution in order to ensure that all side industries are represented.

AIMSAD is an association operating in socio-cultural, commercial and economic fields and it is composed of manufacturers and distributors from woodworking machinery and side industries. AIMSAD's original membership is corporate membership and it is open to all companies doing business in the stated industries. On the other hand, AIMSAD also has honorary and academic members. Individuals from scientific and business environments who have contributed to the development of the sector and profession as well as the people who have contributed to AIMSAD with their academic studies are invited and accepted as members under such categories. AIMSAD is headquartered in Kartal, Istanbul. The number of AIMSAD members reached 50 as of August 2015.

AIMSAD sets its short term primary target as completing the institutionalization process. One another priority activity plan foreseen to be addressed by AIMSAD, is remedying the lack of a database providing sector-specific data and an information network providing reliable statistics for the Turkish woodworking and side industries.
Subsequently, AIMSAD's mid-term targets include submitting position papers to the Ministries and other official authorities by participating in the sector-related
committees and supporting their activities; establishing good relations and productive
partnerships with the associations of furniture sector which are closely related with woodworking industry; launching initiatives to encourage the adaptation of member companies to modern manu-facturing technologies; to represent the sector in selected international fairs and to promote the sector and members comprehensively.

Finally, the long term targets of AIMSAD consist of raising qualified technical personnel and operators to undertake any role in various levels within member companies in collaboration with apprenticeship training centers, technical and industrial vocational high schools, vocational schools of higher education, and universities; providing educators with contemporary technology and knowledge, and also constantly transferring the optimal and most effective use of woodworking machinery to end users of such machines in certain periods by establishing AIMSAD Applied Technical Training and Test Centers. In line with these targets, AIMSAD participates in a number of national and international meetings to contribute to the solution of sector-related problems by representing its members before chambers and other similar organizations.

Being aware of the importance of woodworking machinery and side industries for the national economy, AIMSAD always acts with the vision of creating and taking further effective initiatives with its administrative bodies and all member companies. In this respect, AIMSAD conducts its activities through committees established within its corporate structure. Considering the interests of all member companies, AIMSAD creates special committees for individual sectors and encourages the related member companies to take part in these committees, develop their own solutions and roadmaps.

AIMSAD currently operates with the Manufacturers Committee, Importers Committee, After Sales Services Committee, Tooling Committee, Education & Training Committee and Fairs Committee. AIMSAD also plans to establish additional committees depending on future needs and upon the requests coming from its member companies. AIMSAD aims to be a member of international sector-specific NGOs, particularly in Europe, within the shortest time and represent Turkiye in these organizations. The first steps towards achieving this target were taken by participating in the General Assembly of European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers (EUMABOIS) held in Verona, Italy on September 12, 2014. As a result, AIMSAD became a member of EUMABOIS by September 2014 and will host the EUMABOIS General Assembly which is planned to be held in Turkey in 2019. 

Fair and Organization 
AİMSAD supports the International Wood Processing Machines, Cutting and Hand Tools Fair organized every year in Istanbul by TÜYAP Fairs. This year, for the secont time, it is supporting IZWOOD 2018 to be organized in cooperation between TÜYAP Fairs and İZFAŞ aiming to be the biggest industry specific fair in the Aegean Region. AİMSAD supported fairs overseas will be identified in the beginning of each year and announced to member companies; participation of member companies to these fairs will be subsidized and organizations will also be made for visiting committees.

For the more Information: www.aimsad.org